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    We offer various services to support SMEs and entrepreneurs of Bizkaia


Mathematical Modelling Advice Service

Beaz, in collaboration with BCAM – Basque Centre for Applied Mathematics, through its Knowledge Transfer Unit (KTU), is setting up this service that consists of making advice available to SMEs and start-ups in Bizkaia to identify opportunities to improve processes, to optimise designs, advice on new computing tools, or even definition of new services or products as a result of processing and exploiting data that such SMEs and start-ups record.

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We facilitate and accelerate the creation of new businesses from organisations as a means to increase the implementation of new competitive and sustainable business initiatives.   

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Bizkaia Mentoring Network

We manage a network that encourages contact between business mentors and startups that are developing projects with high growth potential to collaborate in order to accelerate these projects.

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Diagnosis of the financial function

The objective of this service is to analyse the variables that affect the economic-financial situation of the company and to detect opportunities for improvement, in terms of cashflow, liquidity, costs, financing strategies, reports and management indicators.

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Business model innovation

The aim of this service is to identify, create and enhance opportunities of competitive improvement for companies in Bizkaia through innovation in their business models. 

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Innovation Fund

Beaz issues free eligibility reports to apply for European funds. These are European funds for the promotion of technological innovation, as well as other investments necessary for the development of the project.

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Financing- Aid Map

Apart from the aids we directly manage, we inform and advise on other additional ones, in order to get a higher co-financing for entrepreneurship, innovation and internationalisation projects.

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Open Innovation

The possibilities that external ideas may bring to a company’s innovation process mean that more and more open innovation initiatives are promoted. Throughout 2017 Beaz has taken part in several activities that have had in common the collaboration between organisations of different sectors, size, maturity and origin. We are facing a relationship-based innovation, in which the key aspect to move forward safely and quickly and to make good progresses is the willingness to be a part of the project, and not the whole.

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We identify companies with growth capacity projects and facilitate its acceleration with the support of an external consultant.

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EEN Network

As members of the Basque Node of the Enterprise Europe Network, we support the internationalisation of Basque companies, promoting business and technological co-operation and the optimisation of R&D programmes funded by the European Union.  

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