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Public Innovation Purchase (PIP) as a tool to stimulate corporate innovation

PIP allows companies to develop innovations and to test them in real environments, bringing the public administrations new solutions for their needs that could not be satisfied otherwise, and encouraging innovation and development of high added value markets.

Beaz proposes support for companies and individual entrepreneurs in their effort to create new projects, to innovate and internationalise, with the final objective of contributing to the economic activity and creation of qualified employment in the Historic Territory of Bizkaia.

In recent years, there has been an evolution in public innovation policies toward a demand model, where PIP is standing out as a successful tool to promote innovation in the production sector through the demand for new solutions from the public sector.

We want to join in with that opportunity and take advantage of its benefits, among which there are:

  • Encouraging entrepreneurial innovation, mainly by small and medium sized companies, boosting entrepreneurial ventures and internationalisation.
  • Acceleration of the entrepreneurial ecosystem and innovation in Bizkaia that favours collaboration between administrations, companies, technological centres, research centres and higher education.
  • Taking advantage of the talent of professionals in the territory.

We shall continue to work on positioning the entrepreneurial fabric within the scope of innovation and international markets, facilitating development of R&D&i, enabling a new framework for relationships with public clients and boosting access to new sources of financing, both at national as well as at European level.

Our offer for companies:

Dual guide for Public Innovation Purchase for public demand and technological offer through which we wish to promote support mechanisms, both for public administrations as well as teams of entrepreneurs, SMEs and start-ups that aim to propose and develop innovative solutions for challenges issued by public entities using PIP.

 See the Dual guide for Public Innovation Purchase (PDF) 7Mb

PIP training itinerary for SMEs in Bizkaia, the objective of which is to generate a critical mass of trained and ready entrepreneurs, SMEs and start-ups that are able to provide a response – with innovative solutions – to the new PIP initiatives launched both by the Regional Government of Bizkaia as well as other regional, national or international administrations.

Online conferences 4/11/2020

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