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Business model innovation

The aim of this service is to identify, create and enhance opportunities of competitive improvement for companies in Bizkaia through innovation in their business models. 

In contexts of crisis such as the present one, it is more important than ever to have a business model that allows you to visualise and organise what you are going to offer the market, how to do it, to precisely determine who the offer is aimed at, and how to make it profitable.

This is a service that Beaz offers in collaboration with Innobasque

The service consists of an itinerary with three phases that begins with a detailed diagnosis of the state of each SME, to ascertain its level of innovation, as well as the opportunities and threats in its present business model. From there on, a model of the business it wishes to achieve designed and a route map is established with support from experts in each field..

1 Innovation profiles
  Need or opportunity in new business models
2.A Training sessions
2.B Detailed diagnostic study and initial design
  Initial design of innovative business models and route map
3 Development – implementation
  Outside the scope of the pilot project


Who is it aimed at?

  • SMEs from Bizkaia with 5 or more employees.
  • • SMEs in industrial sectors, construction, transport, industry-related services, tourism and wholesale commerce.

Conditions of the Process

  • • Commitment by the company management to undertake the process with a minimum guarantee of involvement and participation by the persons assigned to the project.
  • • Training and individual accompaniment process, with a cost of 13,000 euros per company, that is subject to a 65% rebate by Beaz, so the company will only have to bear an expense of 4,550 euros for the whole process.

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