Deadline for applications:

Request: 01/01/2023 - 31/10/2023

Support and advisory service for SMEs in Bizkaia, aimed at assisting in the identification, creation and development of new opportunities through innovation in their business models and the promotion of corporate entrepreneurship.

We support you through

  • Practical advice to the 7 selected companies to help identify areas of opportunity and identify which ones have the greatest potential to develop a new business model effectively.

  • Support in the definition of new business models.

For whom?

This service is aimed at SMEs based in Bizkaia with at least 10 people employed and engaged in industrial activities, services related to industry, transport, tourism or wholesale trade. A firm commitment, capacity and resource allocation is required to address this reflection process.

Application period closed

If you have doubts you can call us  944 395 622


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