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EIC Accelerator

Beaz has developed a service in three phases to support the processing of the financing program EIC Accelerator to those companies that are developing an R+D+i project with a high growth potential and that require significant amounts of financing.

The service will be provided between Beaz and the specialist consultant Inveniam.


What does the BEAZ service consist of?

Phase 1: General training session

Training session to publicize the characteristics and how to access financing of the EIC Accelerator program.

Likewise, the companies that so decide may carry out an individualized contrast in order to gauge the viability of their project within this program.

Once the conference has been held, the companies that have attended it and are interested in applying to the program may opt for the subsequent phases of the service through a registration form that will allow the organizers to select the four companies finalists who will participate in the successive phases of the service.

Phase 2: Advice and accompaniment Short Application

Advice and accompaniment of 8 hours duration for the preparation and issuance of the Short Application.

Phase 3: Advice and accompaniment Full Application

A company that has passed the Short Application will have the opportunity to receive advice and support to process the Full Application.

Service schedule

Phase 1



General training session

06/9 - 06/19

Receipt of applications for advice on the preparation of the Short Application


Communication of the 4 selected companies

Phase 2


06/26 - 07/21

Preparation of the Short Application requests


Communication company selected to participate in the preparation process of the Full Application

Phase 3


09/11 - December

Preparation of the Full Application request

2024 (according to dates)

Issuance of the Full Application request


What is the EIC Accelerator program?

Financing objective

Support for companies (both startups and SMEs) in the development of innovative solutions with high potential and ability to penetrate new markets through the development of disruptive solutions. The program focuses on R&D or Innovation projects that are developed in any field of technology that also have a high risk and degree of uncertainty. This is a project with an important scope and development needs and that requires relevant financing in order to generate a return on investment.

Type of projects

Projects that seek to develop the business concept into a product, process or service aligned with the company's growth strategy. The projects must be at least in a TRL 5 or 6 and finance activities such as: testing, prototyping, validation, demonstration and testing of environments, tests necessary for approvals, intellectual property management, and customer tests.

Beneficiary Entities

  • Startups and SMEs with less than 250 workers
  • Companies with up to 500 workers only for the Investment modality
  • Individuals, in specific cases the application can be submitted by a person who is about to set up the company and meets the status of beneficiary

Access routes to financing

  • Grant
  • Grant + Investment
  • Investment

Amounts of aid

  • For innovation activities (TRL 5/6 to 8)
  • Up to 70% of eligible project expenses
  • Maximum grant: €2.5M

Financing characteristics

  • Participation in capital between €0.5M and €15M through direct investment or participatory loan

Submission procedure

  • PHASE 1 (Short Application):
    • Complete online form answering specific questions
    • Presentation of maximum 10 slides
    • 3-minute video with 3 people from the team
  • PHASE 2 (Full Application):
    • Complete online form answering specific questions (more than 100 pages)
    • Presentation of the company and the project
    • Additional supporting documentation
  • PHASE 3 (Interview):
    • Conducting a face-to-face interview in Brussels to defend the project
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