Deadline for applications:

Request: 09/01/2024 - 29/02/2024

The service provides technical rating reports to support the financing of projects with European funds aimed at driving innovation through the Innovation Fund.

The company must make a request for the whole of the Technological Innovation project, for its full duration and prior to the granting of the financing.

We support you through

  • Issuance of reports within 7 business days from your request.

  • Support in the search for financing because this report is an essential requirement to access financing from the Innovation Fund.

  • Guide to “Technical Qualification Reports for the financing of projects with European funds for the promotion of innovation”.

For whom?

This service is aimed at SMEs that have their tax headquarters in Bizkaia with technological innovation projects according to regional Corporate Tax regulations.

Application period closed

If you have doubts you can call us  944 395 622


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