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Bizkaia, a benchmark hub for social innovation

The Provincial Council of Bizkaia strives to be an interna- tional benchmark in the field of social innovation, and to tackle social challenges in its territory on the basis of collaboration between various actors. The aim is to build up an ecosystem for promoting social innovation in Bizkaia that enables:

  • strategies to be adopted to tackle medium and long-term needs;
  • a fair model of society to be preserved now and in the future; and
  • the engagement of civil society and public responsibility to be strengthened and consolidated.

This determination is reflected in one of the actions undertaken as part of the Bizkaia Goazen 2030 strategy: “Making Bizkaia a benchmark for social innovation”.

Thus, through its Departments of Eco-nomic and Territorial Development and Social Action, the Provincial Council of Bizkaia undertakes to promote new busi- nesses, especially those of a social, inno-vative nature, as key instruments for en-suring the creation of wealth, jobs and social cohesion in Bizkaia. The idea is to foster opportunities provi- ded by innovative social organisations and businesses as a major part of the solu-tion to social and economic challenges, in line with the Europe 2020 Strategy. Seeking to promote the development of a highly competitive social market eco-nomy, the Provincial Council of Bizkaia factors social innovation into its initiatives to support the setting up of new businesses. Those initiatives are inten-ded to:

  • respond innovatively to social needs that are currently not being met;
  • seek social impacts to reinforce the cohesion of society; and
  • propose efficient, competitive, sustai- nable long-term answers..

These actions in support of innovative social organisations and businesses are  reinforced by the operations of the publicly-owned companies Beaz S.A.U, Seed Capital de Bizkaia, S.A and Seed Capital Bizkaia Mikro S.A., as set out in the chart below:



2018-2019 Enkarterri Encouragement Plan

The Enkarterri area has specially suffered the impact of the crisis on the regional development and the competitiveness of its industrial fabric. The Provincial Council of Bizkaia, the Basque Government, and the regional municipalities agreed the definition of the 2018-2019 Enkarterri Encouragement Plan to contribute in the development of the territory.

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Circular Economy: new Business Opportunities

Economy is being rapidly reoriented towards high technology, commerce and services, and circular economy is a basic ingredient for a competitive, healthy and sustainable territorial future. The use of innovative circular strategies allow companies creating new values, maintaining the circulation of resources for the longest possible time, and using waste as an input for the new cycle.

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