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Training in financing rounds for start-ups

The search for financial resources is one of the main concerns for emerging companies. It is a concern from the moment prior to their creation and will continue to be throughout their growth.

Knowing about the different sources of financing and which adapts the best to your business project at each moment can make the difference between your success or failure in the market.

Therefore, and with the aim of supporting entrepreneurial people in this critical aspect, Beaz is launching a service whose goals are:

  • To ensure the growth and longevity of start-ups in Bizkaia.
  • To equip them with tools that enable them to be successful in their search for financing.
  • To facilitate access to investment agents and make them visible to them.

The service is intended for innovative start-ups that face growth challenges, for which it proposes:

Guide on Financing round: is my start-up prepared?”

Publication that in a simplified manner presents the main public and private financing instruments that a start-up can resort to throughout its life cycle, from when it is an idea to its growth phase. The guide also explains the steps to follow to face a financing round, some general recommendations are offered and a decalogue of good practices.

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A course aimed at entrepreneurial people that seeks to train them in key aspects to successfully finance their start-ups. Organised by Beaz and Keiretsu Forum, it consists of 5 four-hour workshops that address topics such as the state investment ecosystem, the preliminary validation of a project, or the steps, deadlines and documents that a financing process involves.

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Bizkaia Foro de Inversión

An in-person and online meeting where a series of start-ups previously selected by Beaz and Keiretsu present their proposals before investors, Family Office, business angels and public and private capital funds that operate in the Basque Country and Spain. The selected teams will have access to two specialised workshops that, in addition to general knowledge on private investment, negotiations with investors and methods used to assess companies with barely any turnover, include personalised sessions to assess the value of each project.

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