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Mathematical Modelling Advice Service

Beaz, in collaboration with BCAM – Basque Centre for Applied Mathematics, through its Knowledge Transfer Unit (KTU), is setting up this service that consists of making advice available to SMEs and start-ups in Bizkaia to identify opportunities to improve processes, to optimise designs, advice on new computing tools, or even definition of new services or products as a result of processing and exploiting data that such SMEs and start-ups record.

Who is it intended for?

  • Companies from Bizkaia with an interest in data processing:
    • Who now record information or data on their processes, products, clients or markets..
    • Who aim to diversify their value offer by exploiting data analysis..
  • Companies from Bizkaia with an interest in fluid-dynamics modelling:
    • Who want to perform behaviour studies of fluids in various environments and optimisation of processes and designs.
    • Who need advice on CFD tools..

Project typologies:

Two possible typologies are established on the basis of specialities to be dealt with:

Typology 1: Data diagnostics

● Advanced data analysis
● Statistical modelling
● Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
● Predictive models
● Numerical simulation and process optimisation

Typology 2: Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modelling

● Definition and development of numerical models
● Verification and validation of existing models by HPC
● Numerical simulation and process optimisation
● Support and training in free CFD software.

Conditions of the service::

  • It is a collaborative process between the company and BCAM KTU, in which an international approach to the issue to be resolved shall be required, prepared by the company, with agile liaison throughout the diagnostic phase.
  • In each case, a plan of action shall be defined to achieve the objectives according to the specific needs of each company.
  • As a result, a diagnostic document shall be delivered, summarising the main conclusions of the study.
  • In the event of the complexity of the issue, or if the type of information provided makes it necessary to extend the project, the company may opt to continue with the advice by financing the service, and/or establishing a new innovation project, that shall be subject to analysis within the programmes published for that purpose by the Economic Promotion Department.
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