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Diagnosis of the financial function

The objective of this service is to analyse the variables that affect the economic-financial situation of the company and to detect opportunities for improvement, in terms of cashflow, liquidity, costs, financing strategies, reports and management indicators.

Having a good financial strategy is something basic to achieve a healthy company, that gives results and has a balanced, sustainable growth over time.

The speed with which the economic environment and thus markets change, make it even more necessary to obtain an up-to-date diagnosis of the financing needs to operate the company: performing an analysis that encourages detection of inefficiencies that may cause economic tensions, and defining possible solutions for these.

This is a service that Beaz offers
in collaboration with Elkargi S.G.R.

The service consists of an itinerary in four phases:

  • • Phase 1: Analysis of the company’s reality:
    • Request for information:
      • Initial survey..
      • Financial statements (3 financial years).
    • Analysis of the information and preparing the workshop.
  • Phase 2: Workshop (two meetings):
    • Evaluation of the present situation.
    • Detection of short-term opportunities to improve and achievements.
  • Phase 3: Conclusions (one meeting).
    • Preparation of the final diagnosis report.
    • Session to prevent conclusions and opportunities for improvement.
  • Phase 4: Follow-up (one meeting after two months elapse).
    • Monitoring implementation of the opportunities for improvement
    • Definition of the next steps in CRM Systems Projects.

This service covers situation diagnosis, definition of possible solutions and subsequent monitoring of the results obtained; implementation of the measures to be adopted would lie outside the scope of this service.

Who is it intended for?

  • SMEs in Bizkaia with 5 to 100 employees.
  • SMEs in industrial sectors, construction, transport, industry-related services, wholesale tourism and commerce, with an annual turnover between 1 and 5 million euros.

Conditions of the Process

  • Commitment by the company management to undertake the process with a minimum guarantee of involvement and participation by the persons assigned to the project.
  • Methodology validated and adapted to the SME with a market cost of 3,000 euros per company, that shall attract a 67% rebate, to the company will only have to bear an expense of 1,000 euros for the whole process.