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Drive Project: hidden champions of Bizkaia

The Department of Economic Development and Beaz, launched the Drive project in 2018, in order to get to know better the hidden champions of Bizkaia.

The objectives of Drive are to deepen the needs of these companies and to identify the most appropriate ways to continue supporting their growth, as well as to analyse the strategies that underpin their success, to apply them in the new business initiatives and startups.

A sample of 24 companies has helped to give shape to the project:

Baussa, Ona Electroerosión, Ingemat, Prosertek, Melchor Gabilondo, Antec, Microdeco, Mecalbe (MEK Group), Versa Home, Walter Pack, Izar Cutting Tools, Grupo Arruti, Dibal, Itsaskorda, Celulosas Vascas, Biolan Microbiosensores, Burdinola, GHI Hornos Industriales, Virtualware, Zunibal, Heroslam, Fluytec, P4Q Electronics and La Magdalena.

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