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Bizkaia Orekan Sakonduz: Strategy for boosting local competitiveness and balance of regions

Bizkaia Orekan Sakonduz is the strategy promoted by Bizkaia Provincial Council and BEAZ to foster territorial competitiveness.

The strategy: a network of collaborative networks

We collaborate with Bizkaia’s Development Agencies to promote projects that improve the competitiveness of the regions, with initiatives focused on the industrial fabric and with connected services, through innovation, internationalisation and advanced entrepreneurship, in coherence with the sustainable development goals. Bizkaia Orekan Sakonduz is a new stage built on its immediate predecessor Bizkaia Orekan, developed between 2016 and 2020, and seeks to reinforce the foundations established by the first phase, based on the following values:

Our objectives

Strategic Goals

  • To improve the competitiveness of the industrial and advanced services companies of the entire Territory of Bizkaia.
  • To focus on the training of local development stakeholders as a way to reach all companies in the territory and adapt the economic promotion policies to the specific situation of each region.
  • To build a multi-level governance that boosts the efficiency of the activities carried out by the different stakeholders at different levels.

Cross-cutting objectives

  • To evaluate the strategy and its impact.
  • To communicate and disseminate the results by promoting “Bizkaia Orekan Sakonduz” as a renowned and recognised brand of Bizkaia, a strategy to foster regional competitiveness and territorial balance.

More information

The agencies that make up the network

  • Logotipo Gorbeialde
  • Logotipo Jata Ondo
  • Logotipo Ayuntamiento Amorebieta
  • Logotipo Ayuntamiento Arrigorriaga
  • Logotipo Ayuntamiento Erandio
  • Logotipo Ayuntamiento Galdakao
  • Logotipo Ayuntamiento Getxo
  • Logotipo Ayuntamiento Leioa
  • Logotipo Ayuntamiento de Sestao
  • Logotipo Fundación Leartibai
  • Logotipo Mungialdeko Behargintza
  • Logotipo Ayuntamiento de Bermeo
  • Logotipo Iniciativa Profesionales Gernika
  • Logotipo Errota
  • Logotipo Mehatzaldeko Behargintza
  • Logotipo Ayuntamiento Ermua
  • Logotipo Egaz Txorierri
  • Logotipo Behargintza Basauri
  • Logotipo Enkartur
  • Logotipo Mancomunidad Durango
  • Logotipo Behargintza Uribe Kosta
  • Logotipo Iguralde Barakaldo
  • Logotipo Ayuntamiento Orduña
  • Logotipo Mancomunidad Enkarterri