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Bizkaia Orekan Sakonduz: Strategy for boosting local competitiveness and balance of regions

Bizkaia Orekan Sakonduz - An initiative launched by the Department for Economic Development of the Regional Council of Biscay in partnership with BEAZ and local regional-development agencies with a view to fostering competitiveness of the regional companies in a balanced manner.

This strategy is aimed at strengthening competitiveness of the regions that Biscay is made up of through collaboration with local development agencies by upgrading competitiveness levers of the industrial tissue and advanced services in the regions. Generating sustainable growth and quality employment is the expected impact of such a policy. The ultimate goal is that of building for a collaborative governance system by networking with regional-development agencies and teams from the Department for Economic Development and BEAZ. Thus, driving economic development and competitiveness initiatives can be implemented in terms of innovation, internationalization and advanced entrepreneurship all keeping with sustainable development objectives.

Bizkaia Orekan Sakonduz is the new line of action following the previous one; Bizkaia Orekan, which was developed between 2016 and 2020. This second phase strengthens the solid foundations laid by the first one based on the following values:

  • CLOSENESS: of local agents with local companies as a means of getting to know and adapting initiatives to local realities.
  • COORDINATION: between the agents and institutions that make up the network encouraging a fluid and effective communication.
  • EFFICIENCY AND PERFORMANCE-ORIENTED RESULTS: in order to adapt to time, people and resources commitment.
  • FLEXIBILITY AND VERSATILITY: to respond to the heterogeneity of realities both within the business tissue and the different levels of progress of the regional-development agencies.
  • NETWORKING: that combines the capillarity offered by local agents with flexibility and active listening of the Department for Economic Development.
  • SHARED COMPROMISE: between the industrial economic promotion and the final recipients of initiatives; the companies of Biscay.

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