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Bizkaia Orekan: well-balanced Territorial Development

Build a competitive and territorially well-balanced Bizkaia is the objective of the Bizkaia Orekan initiative in which the Provincial Council of Bizkaia works with the collaboration of the local and regional development agents, and the technical support from ORKESTRA-Basque Institute of Competitiveness

The initiative was presented in the first meeting held with local development agents. This strategy intends to organise several meetings to keep closed and aware of the different regional needs of Bizkaia and to make specific zonal working groups.

These groups are made by experts from the Department of Economic and Territorial Development, Beaz, and from the different local development agencies. Publicise the Department’s programmes and services, and identify new entrepreneurial and job creation opportunities, are two of the objectives of the Provincial Council.

Another characteristic that defines Bizkaia Orekan is the separation of the territory in four zones, with the idea of creating a permanent but also flexible, versatile and fair communication channel.

  • North: Txorierri, Mungialdea, Right Bank and Uribekosta
  • East: Busturia, Lea-Artibai and Durangaldea
  • South: Nerbioi-Ibaizabal and Arratia
  • West: Ezkerraldea, Meatzaldea and Enkarterri

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