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European Projects

Beaz participates in the management and coordination of several European projects in various fields related to the company, offering significant added value as partners in the development of proposals to them..

 Cohes3ion Project

Its objective is to study the governance models of different European regions to improve the impact of innovation and territorial development strategies promoted by the EU and, with it, growth and employment.

In Cohes3ion 10 partners from 8 regions participate: Calabria, Stockholm, Wales, Ireland, Ruhr, Nord-Vest Romania, Warsaw, and Bizkaia. For almost three years they will exchange experiences in public policies and governance.

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 Proyecto Retrace

Retrace is a European Project in the field of circular economy, which is part of the Interreg Europe programme that promotes European territorial cooperation. The searches for connections, placing people at the centre of the project, or acting locally to develop circular economy, are some of its basic principles.

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Bilbao Bizkaia Circular

logotipo Bilbao Bizkaia CircularBilbao and Bizkaia have presented the results of Circle City Scan, a visual roadmap where tangible and positive impact opportunities for the transition towards urban and regional circular economy models, are identified. The first Circle City Scan held in Spain comes from a consortium made up of Circle Economy, Innobasque, Bilbao Ekintza, Beaz, and the collaboration of Aclima, Ihobe and Inédit.