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Quality Policy

BEAZ is a company whose final aim is the creation of innovative companies and the promotion of innovation in the industrial fabric of Bizkaia that has defined a Quality Policy under the terms that define the social responsibility of the company.

 The intention of the management is that the company is recognised by the interested parties as a socially responsible company that respects the environment, particularly sensitive in the pursuit of equality between women and men, attentive to the health of its staff and the general welfare of the society it serves. The goal is to maintain a working system based on Continuous Improvement that helps to achieve the objectives within the framework of Business Excellence and to meet legal and other requirements voluntarily signed, at the same time.

For the performance of its duties and in order to promote the Continuous Improvement of its activities and to describe the processes associated with them, BEAZ has a documented management system that allows to know how they should be carried out regardless of who performs them, ensuring its effectiveness, responding well to the demands of the different systems:

  • Quality Management (UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2008)
  • Management of R + D + i (UNE 166002: 2014)
  • Environmental Management (UNE-EN ISO 14001: 2004)
  • Management of ACCESSIBLE WEBSITES (UNE 139803: 2012)
  • Management of Prevention of Occupational Hazards
  • Management of Equality
  • Management of the Protection of Personal Data

The management and staff of  BEAZ should be aware of the importance of meeting the demands of all parties concerned, and should comply with legal and regulatory requirements and other requirements subscribed by the company taking into account  innovation and technological changes required by the market, and with an active commitment to Continuous Improvement of environmental performance:

  • Optimising consumption
  • Reducing and managing waste properly
  • Preventing and minimising pollution from our activities
  • Raising awareness on Environment to corporate customers, suppliers and dealers.

In addition, all activities associated with BEAZ Management System,  in all jobs, and in its broadest sense, must be made with the Continuous Improvement approach, consisting of:

  • Planning foresightedly
  • Run as planned
  • Monitor and review the work done
  • Verify and validate the results
  • Make the necessary improvements to achieve the expected results

To do this, the company is committed to meet the following objectives:

  • Set the framework for establishing and reviewing its objectives and goals, as well as its leaders, resources, and indicators, all within the corresponding Management Plans.
  • Obtain the commitment of the BEAZ staff to meet the demands of all interested parties, and to comply with legal and regulatory requirements and other requirements freely subscribed by BEAZ.
  • Optimise the internal management by eliminating tasks that do not add value, providing the resources necessary to meet the goals established, and informing the staff of the results obtained.
  • Enhance environmental monitoring and prospective market to generate a basis to perform technological prospection, together with the assessment of own and other projects.
  • Establish a system for the identification and management of risks and opportunities, both internal and external.
  • Recommend client companies, suppliers, contractors, and subcontractors to comply with the established provisions of the areas subject to the Management System, implemented in BEAZ.
  • Ensure that social agents intended as customers recognise BEAZ as a company committed to quality, equality, innovation, environment, safety and occupational health, social responsibility and Continuous Improvement in its scope.

This policy is in line with the culture and values of the company and must be known, understood, undertaken, developed, reviewed and updated regularly. Its implementation is a priority for the management and responsibility of each and every employee in BEAZ.


In Bilbao, November 26, 2015